Afternoon Tea Series: The Living Room at The Peninsula Beverly Hills | Episode No.1

Hello, darlings! 

Would you like a cup of tea?   


Fantastic! :)  

There really is nothing more fulfilling than wearing my classiest fascinator and enjoying conversation over a delicious cup of Afternoon Tea. For that, Afternoon Tea is one of my favorite traditions (and perhaps the best contribution the British have made to global cuisine).

As I yearn to share my passions with all of you, my first YouTube video series will be about Afternoon Tea!   

By touring all of the best Afternoon Tea places in the world, I will share with you everything you need to know about Afternoon Tea and how to eloquently follow all of the British rules of tea etiquette!   

To being, I will share with you the prettiest places for Afternoon Tea in Los Angeles (where I currently live). The first place I visit will be The Living Room at the Peninsula Beverly Hills.

The Living Room is an elegant, immaculate place with some seriously legendary Afternoon Tea and incredibly comfortable couches. Every afternoon, guests enjoy the pleasures of Champagne, delectable scones, tea pastries and sandwiches, and 19 carefully selected choices of tea… all to the sound of an enchanting harpist.

In this first series, I will teach you how to have Afternoon Tea by sharing with you some of these important etiquette guidelines:

- What to do with your napkin How to stir your tea

- What to do with your pinkie How to break up a scone.

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