Acrylic Curtain Rods with Brass Hardware | Home Décor Episode No. 1

Upgrading your curtains for a new set could be the beautiful finishing touch you need to enhance your home's interior.

Lately, I’ve been loving the look of acrylic curtain rods with brass hardware. Clear acrylic and brass have a handle on modern simplicity. They bring such a clean, luxury feel to my existing doors, drawers, and drapery. It's time to give my window a makeover!

Design details: Acrylic Curtain Rod | Brass Hardware | Drapery | Tassel Tiebacks

Acrylic Curtain Rods with Brass Hardware:

I bought a custom 1 1/8″ Non-Telescoping Clear Acrylic Lucite Drapery Rod from Amazon for $159 with free shipping. They have three options available; 4', 6', and 8'. I only need 5' for this particular window. So I reach out to the seller and they were able to cut the rod for me at no additional charge. The rod also comes with 3 extended wall mount brackets, 2 matte gold end cap finials, 10 easy glide rings with eyelets, and 10 drapery pins (not pictured).

Easy glide rings with eyelets

For a fuller look, I doubled the size of my panels. My curtains are from Half Price Drapes. One Panel is 100" W x 96" H. It's Faux Linen Extra Wide Blackout Room Darkening Curtain in Birch (Soft Beige color). Curtains rings are typically placed 8-inch apart, and this extra wide curtain will require at least 13 rings. So I bought extra rings from Fabrics and Drapes.


I was on a hunt for a blackout drapery that is functional and beautiful. I found my soulmate curtains! This drapery is just what I was looking for. I would say It darkens the room by 90% of light on a sunny day. I bought two of 100 W X 96 H in Birch color for each of my window. They sold out real fast too!

Tassel Tiebacks

Now, let's talk about tassel tiebacks. They are a stylish traditional French way to add the perfect finishing touch to your window treatments. Tassel tiebacks can effortlessly transform your windows and showcase the view outside. While often used with heavy drapes, tasseled tiebacks are typically hung low. I found these pale golden tiebacks on Amazon. They are gorgeous!


Tips for beautiful window display

Make the room look bigger by;

- hanging curtain rod as close to ceiling as possible.

- choosing extra wide curtain for a fuller look

- making sure the curtain rod extends at least four inches on each side of the window's inside frame. To create the illusion of a wider window, extend the rod up to 10-12 inches past window frame on each side.

- choosing the right length. I like "floor length". With this style, the curtains are hung close to the ceiling, and they pool slightly on the floor.