Carrera Marble Bathroom

Are you ready?

Here it is. . . The Marble Bathroom Finale — A fun, complete makeover project I did at home with my family.

What was once an ordinary bathroom has now been redesigned and transformed (by yours truly) into an elegant and efficient master, featuring Grecian Black & White Octagon tiles with Carrara marble walls and stunning gold accents.

No respectable renovation post is complete without before and after photos. For that, here are photos of what the bathroom looked like before the transformation.

The room, itself, was exceptionally small. It had a very low ceiling (with no ability to raise it). The shower previously had a wall separating the vanity from the shower space. All of those separating elements made the space feel even smaller!

So, I decided to boldly tear down the wall.

Then, I got rid of the bathtub altogether and expanded the shower area; it was a good decision. Without the wall being there, I wanted to fill the space with a clean, luxurious image. So, I decided to go with a frameless shower door. The new enclosure looks pristine and allows for uninterrupted views of the whole bathroom.

Of course, the finishing touches of any beautiful space live within the fine details. . . And the fine details of the sink faucets are showpieces that simply can’t be ignored. I chose very luxurious fixtures from GRAFF to be the fine focus of the bathroom. One of my favorite design trends is mixing metals — in particular, BRASS! I love brass; it’s not quite as flashy as gold, yet it adds so much warmth to a space. I love marble and brass together, it makes all the difference in the world! 🙂

It is very important to make the place where you meditatively connect with yourself, every day, feel as welcoming as possible. Putting love like this into your space will make a profound energetic difference on how you feel altogether. I highly recommend it!