The MC Chair

Meet the MC chair, the chair I designed for FIDM Debut Runway Show 2020. Built by my awesome manufacturer Gregorius Pineo.

Aesthetically inspired by luxury streetwear, the MC chair is a unique piece that delivers on both form and function. The supporting belts are composed of polypropylene webbings and plastic buckles. With just a touch of brass, the clean design makes this a truly elegant outdoor piece.

The fabric patterns found on the seat and the back pillow are inspired by LA's street graffiti and grimy city sewers, respectively. The fabrics, designed by Veronica Voehl (textile designer), are intentionally enigmatic. As is the case with Morse Code ("MC"), graffiti/street art must be carefully decoded for its hidden power and beauty to be revealed.

Theme: Luxury Streetwear

Interior designer: Mind Pachimsawat

Fashion designer: Chloe Oh

Textile designer: Veronica Voehl

Manufacturer: Gregorius Pineo