The Ultimate Guide to Magical Iceland

Originally, our plan was to spend our honeymoon in Spain. However, when our friends said that they were visiting Iceland, we couldn’t not join them — at the very top of my bucket list, has always been Iceland (especially after seeing such breathtaking photos of the Northern Lights). So, without much resistance, we packed our warmest coats and went to Iceland with them before heading to Europe!

Before I mention the highlights of my trip, I want to advise you to rent a car: having a car will be super help if you plan to see all of Iceland, hassle free.

Okay, now for the fun stuff:

DAY #1


** I recommend that you go straight to blue lagoon right after you landed.

The Blue Lagoon is a serene and outstandingly blue geothermal spring and spa. While soaking in it’s healing waters, you can drink alcohol and get a free, natural facial mask. You can also get a massage (I still wish I opted for this). It felt amazing — especially after our long flight from LAX. The lagoon is located between the airport and the main city of Reykjavik; they even offer a free shuttle from the airport.


Reykjavik is such a charming, cozy city! This is definitely where you should stay during your visit, we recommend staying at an AirBnB as there are loads to choose from and you get an authentic Icelandic experience.

We also highly recommend checking out the beautiful Hallgrimskirkja church — it can be seen all throughout Reykjavik.

Want the best fish dish of your life? Go to MESSINN! As well, we had a wonderful, 7 dish course at the famous DILL restaurant on our second day. Both of these restaurants are winners!

DAY #2


Gullfoss is an incredibly huge waterfall; needless to say, it was pretty amazing. However, my favorite part was the nearby Geysir: it would blast boiling water 70 meters in the air every few minutes!

DAY #3


Our drive to the southern part of the island, to a town called Vik, was beautiful. On our way, we hiked around and saw Skógafoss (an amazing waterfall along the cliffs of what used to be a coast line), and a unique black sand beach. The black sand beach was another highlight of my trip; it was so gorgeous and peaceful, I really didn’t want to leave.


Finally, the Northern Lights. The forecast said there was a low chance of us being able to see them, but we persisted anyway! Luckily, our persistence paid off and we were able to see the awe-inspiring, breathtaking North Lights (they were much better in person than what I had seen in photographs). We found them by just driving 15 minutes from downtown Reykjavik to a lighthouse. Seeing these lights is highly recommended.

***The lighthouse location is 15 minutes away from downtown Reykjavik. Usually people drive outside for few hours to see the northern lights clearer.