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I’m a former T.V. news anchor and an aspiring interior designer based in Los Angeles. 


My passion for interior design stems from a lifelong love of design, architecture, décor, and travel. My style was crafted by the collective beauty of the many countries I’ve been lucky enough to have visited. I have always been overwhelmingly drawn to the allure of design creativity and execution.


At a young age, I learned to express my personality and emotions through art and design. Since then, I have been on a general mission to leave my own artistic imprints on the world. 


Through beautiful interior décor, I believe I will fulfill my life’s mission by bringing you the best in unique home decor, apothecary goods, furniture, bedding, and more. That's why I created "The Happiest Mind", a modern lifestyle brand with a passion for timeless design. I'm dedicated to helping you create a beautiful home that you love to come back to at the end of each day!